10614 N. 43rd Avenue, Glendale, AZ


Larkspur Christian Church’s rich roots began early in 1954 when fifty-four members of Creighton Christian Church living west of Central Avenue were commissioned to form a new congregation on the west side of town.  On March 14, 1954, a group met at the home of Joe Kirks’ to discuss the future and soon a site on West Campbell Avenue was located. The four acres that became Campbell Avenue Christian Church was renovated from a small cottage and other buildings.


In September of 1979, the present facility on Larkspur Drive was purchased from the Christ Community Church and the entire congregation moved still farther north and west.  The church name was changed to reflect the new location.  “At Larkspur It’s the Love


May 18, 2014, Larkspur Christian Church celebrated its 60th Anniversary! We are looking forward to the future, to see what God has planned for us.


As Disciples of Christ We Believe:  In a holy, creative and loving God; In Jesus Christ as God’s Son and our Savior; In the Holy Spirit as God’s empowering Presence with us; In the Bible as God’s Living Word, In salvation through profession of faith in Christ; In the weekly observance of The Lord’s Supper; In the essential unity of the Body of Christ.